Thread Lift


Thread lifts are a convenient rejuvenation alternative that requires no general anesthesia, hospitalization or an extended recovery period. Showing instant results, treatments are indicated for many areas in both the face and body!

Silhouette Soft


  • Provide instant lift to sagging skin without invasive surgery
  • Promote your body’s natural collagen and elastin production


  • Reduce the appearance of aging by erasing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Erase Nasolabial folds and Marionette lines that become visible with aging


  • Eliminate a sagging or double chin caused by gravity associated with aging
  • Give your knees, arms and buttocks their youthful shape again
  • Cellular Renewal, through Collagen stimulation, and neovascularization to improve skin texture, fine lines and elasticity
  • Skin Tightening, by contracting fat tissue
  • Thread Face Lift
  • Tighten your Skin and reduce Jowls and Folds
  • What exactly is a thread-lift or feather lift surgery?
    A thread-lift, also known as feather lift surgery, is a cosmetic surgery procedure to gently lift tired and sagging skin to produce a smoother, youthful appearance. If gravity has taken over, a thread lift may be a less invasive alternative to a face lift without the risks and downtime associated with surgery.
  • How is the procedure done?
    The thread-lift involves very fine surgical sutures being inserted into the soft tissue of the face to support and lift the sagging areas. During surgery, small 1-2mm incisions will be made at various points on the patient´s face. A hollow needle will be inserted into the skin to put the threads in place. The threads are then attached to the fat underneath the skin, and will be adjusted to tighten and smooth the contours of the face. The excess thread is trimmed.

  • Am I the right candidate?
    As we age, the effects of gravity become more and more noticeable on our faces. Facial fat is lost, the supporting tissue of the cheeks weakens, the jawline that used to be firm forms jowls, the edges of the mouth take a drift downwards, and the lower face and neck starts to sag. If any or all of this apply to your face you might be a suitable candidate for a thread lift procedure. Usually those in their mid-thirties to fifties are using a PRP lift.
  • How long does the procedure take?
    A thread lift procedure takes around 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the number of areas being treated.
  • How long is the recovery time?
    After the procedure you may experience some slight bruising and swelling, which usually disappears within a few days. Recovery is generally quick, with most patients even returning to work the next day, although you may find that your facial movement is limited for a week or two.
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